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Custom Paintball Anodizing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer color matching?

Yes and no. We can use our in house colors to match with a "best effort". Most factory colors are proprietary dye mixes. 

Q. Will I loose any metal from changing the anodizing from the factory anodizing?

Yes, you will loose some metal every time you re-anodize a part. You can re-anodize up to 2 times before critical dimensions lose their tolerances. 

Q. Can you anodize just a part or two?

Yes we can anodize small quantity jobs. Though this is not the most cost effective way to have your parts anodized. 

Q. I have a dust finish gun, can you make it gloss?

Yes, we can change the surface finish of your parts. Unless specified, the surface finish of your provided parts will stay the same. 

Q. Can you anodize everything?

No, We can not anodize steel, chrome, titanium or plastic parts. We only offer aluminum anodizing services. 

Q. What's the turn around time?

Typically our turn around time is 1-2 weeks. This may change depending on the current work load. Please contact us for an exact time when you are looking to have a job anodized. 

Q. Can you add just splash to my current parts?

 No, to change any existing anodized part it must be completely stripped down to raw metal. 

Q. Can you replicate the factory/ another anodizers work?

 Yes and no. We can replicate others work with our in house colors. You the customer must understand that it will be similar but not exact. The shades and hues will be different.